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Participation of the g = 1.9 and g = 1.82 EPR forms of the semiquinone-iron complex, QA-.Fe2+ of photosystem II in the generation of the Q and C thermoluminescence bands, respectively

FEBS letters / v.336 no.2. 1993, pp.352-356

Author : Demeter, S. ; Goussias, C. ; Bernat, G. ; Kovacs, L. ; Petrouleas, V.

Abstract : Following illumination at 200 K, the charge recombination reactions and the origin of the thermoluminescence (TL) bands appearing at about 0 o C (Q band) and +50 o C (C band) in the glow curve were investigated by comparative TL and EPR measurements in DCMU-treated photosystem II particles. Decay half-time measurements carried out at -25 o C and +25 o C, respectively, suggest that the S 2 state (multi-line signal) undergoes charge recombination with the g = 1.9 form of the semiquinone-iron complex, Q A - .Fe 2+ , resulting in the appearance of the Q band, and that the g = 1.82 form of Q A - .Fe 2+ back-reacts with the oxidized tyrosine, Y D + (Signal II s ), accounting for the generation of the C band.

Keyword : Photosystem II . Semiquinone-iron complex . Thermoluminescence . Charge recombination . EPR

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