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Two Tcp-1-related but highly divergent gene families exist in oat encoding proteins of assumed chaperone function

FEBS letters / v.336 no.2. 1993, pp.313-316

Author : Ehmann, B. ; Krenz, M. ; Mummert, E. ; Schafer, E.

Abstract : Tcp-1-related sequences have been isolated from a cDNA library of etiolated 6-day-old oat (Avena sativa) seedlings. This attempt was made to obtain cDNAs of a recently published 60 kDa plant chaperone that re-folds denatured phytochrome and which was biochemically characterised as a Tcp-1-related protein [(1993) Nature 363, 644-647]. The translation of the putative coding sequence from one full-length cDNA clone displays no specific homologies to amino acid sequences known from peptide sequencing of the oat 60 kDa chaperone. Antibodies raised against the 60 kDa chaperone and over-expressed protein from one full-length coding sequence for Tcp-1 from oat show no cross-reactivity, whereas a monoclonal antibody raised against mouse Tcp-1 protein recognizes both the 60 kDa protein purified from plant extracts and over-expressed protein from Tcp-1-related cDNA sequences.

Keyword : cDNA sequence . Tcp-1-related gene family . Cytosolic 60 kDa chaperonin . Avena sativa

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