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Human ferritin H-chains can be obtained in non-assembled stable forms which have ferroxidase activity

FEBS letters / v.336 no.2. 1993, pp.309-312

Author : Levi, S. ; Santambrogio, P. ; Albertini, A. ; Arosio, P.

Abstract : We found conditions to obtain the Leu-169 rarr; Arg mutant of human ferritin H chain in a stable and non-assembled state. The protein obtained is an oligomer of subunits with a high degree of structured conformation, and when concentrated it re-assembles into ferritin cages. Functional studies showed that (i) it promotes iron oxidation like the assembled ferritin, but at slower rate, (ii) it is readily precipitated by the oxidised iron unless apotransferrin or L-chain ferritin are added to sequester Fe(III). The results confirm that ferroxidase activity is located within the H-chain, and indicate that the cages of the fully assembled ferritins are important not only in maintaining iron in a soluble form, but also in eliciting the activity of the ferroxidase centres.

Keyword : Ferroxidase . Ferritin . Iron protein . Protein assembly

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